Alia Bhatt Revealed Her Expectation and Disappointment for “Udta Punjab”

To which movie Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt is so much attached? She even directly reveals the name of that actress whom she finds as a strong competitor. She assumes that Sonam Kapoor’s outstanding performance in the film “Neerja” is now the main obstacle in her way to be rewarded for her role in “Udta Punjab.” Otherwise, she might have achieved the national award for her performance.



The youngest member of the renowned Bhatt family, Ali Bhatt has recently shared her straightforward view to the most successful producer of Bollywood industry Karan Johar in the first episode of his reality show “Koffee with Karan Season 5.” She participated in that program with the superstar Shah Rukh Khan to promote their upcoming movie “Dear Zindagi.”



In the question and answer session, she also talked about her expectation and disappointment regarding her previous movie “Udta Punjab.” She told that she had really worked hard for that movie. This movie is very special to her in compare to her previous films and that’s the reason, she has many expectations for this particular film. She would be upset if she didn’t win an award for her performance.



At that moment, Karan Johar asked her about which movie is on the top- “Udta Punjab or Neerja?” Alia did not hesitate to reply and answered “Definitely, ‘Neerja’. Sonam Kapoor’s performance in that movie is great. She truly deserves the award.”



Shahid Kapoor was her co-star in the movie “Udta Punjab.” The story of this crime drama is based on drugs abuse. Alia’s intense role marked a significant departure from the typically light-hearted characters she had previously played and she also received critics’ admiration for portraying emotionally intense character in that movie.