Sex Drive – 3 Lifestyle Habits That Can Boost Your Sex Drive

boost-sex-drive-1London: Do you want to boost your sex drive? Here we are going to discussed about 3 best habits that can boost your sex drive. And the 3 habits are –
1. Get a lot of activity

Physical wellness can expand blood stream of your body, and which can make sex drive more pleasurable. An exercise boosts endorphins, which lift your mood and it can increase your energy. And being toned makes some people feel sexier.
2. Eat a healthy diet

Abundance weight likewise upsets your hormones. Official executive of the Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship Medicine, Mr. Michael Krychman said that –weight can move the harmony amongst estrogen and testosterone. He also added that low testosterone can cut down your sex drive.

You can add following foods to your daily menu for your diet.

Strawberries – These fruits are sexy. Strawberries are rich in antioxidants that benefit your heart and arteries.  It also helps to increase blood circulation. And good blood circulation is crucial for sexual functioning in both men and women.

Avocados – These fruits are rich in vitamin E, which contain antioxidant properties, potassium and vitamin B6, and all of these helps to prevent or delay heart disease and promote better blood flow.

Almonds – It contains selenium, zinc and vitamin E, that are important for sexual health and reproduction.

Sweet Potatoes – These are rich in potassium, which helps to fight high blood pressure, high blood pressure is associated with a higher risk of erectile dysfunction. And they are also rich in beta-carotene, and it provides vitamin A to the body, which is helpful for those with infertility.

Sesame seeds – Sesame seeds contain zinc, which is thought to be good for sexual health and it is also No.1 source of oysters.

Watermelon – It contain low calories, but it is also high in potentially libido-boosting phytonutrients. Beta-carotene, lycopene and citrulline that found in watermelon may help to relax blood vessels and provide a natural enhancement for revving up your sex drive.

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Sex Drive
3. Manage your stress

Mr. Irwin Goldstein, Doctor of Sexual Medicine and editor in chief of The Journal of Sexual Medicine said that – People are overworked and stressed and they translate their overwork, stressed lives to a lousy sex life. And once you learn to relax and deal with stress, your sex life will automatically improve.

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