Within 48 hours Facebook response

London: Tarana Halim said Minister of Post and Telecommunications; the world’s most popular social media site Facebook as well as healthy growth in recent times has been the scandalous campaign.


Facebook regularly to remove these problems, the government has been in touch with the authorities. Currently, Facebook is responding to the Bangladesh government authorities within 48 hours. Parliament on Monday (6 February) afternoon Feroza Begum (-33 seats), he said this in a written response to questions.

Tarana Halim said, “Facebook constructive as well as destructive behavior, in particular, instability in society, discriminations defamatory propaganda campaigns and inadinkale has increased manifold. Facebook is constantly in touch with the authorities to remove the problem is.


Through constant communication is taking necessary steps in this regard. She also said, “This is the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior. Facebook in the past year and a half, according to the request and sent them to the list in terms of negotiations with the authorities on terrorism, religious uskanisaha other objectionable total of about 196 accounts, pages / links is to ask them to stop. They are among a total of 87 accounts, pages / links, and now they have stopped responding within 48 hours.

Minister also said, “various law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies enatiemasi Facebook and online media about the spread of militancy from a total of 31 accounts, pages / links and news portals, blogs, Facebook authorities to stop all aiaijike is requested. In the account of a total of 6, pages / links and news portals, blogs have been closed.


She said, organized crime through information technology aimed at reducing social media monitoring system to ensure and strengthen the system for the purpose of purchasing process is ongoing Internet safety solutions. She said, “In many cases, social media, online media will increase the capacity of human beings. Sometimes the abuse around the world, such as Bangladesh noticeable.

All media in the proper use of media has its own policies. Guided by their own policies such as Facebook and Google. In addition, information and communication technologies in the country and the Right to Information Act 2013, there are 2010 prabidhamala. In addition, the online media policy 2015 and 2016 digital security laws are being formulated. CCTV set up a cyber cafe and protection of all records pertaining to the BTRC for anusasanasamuha guidelines have been strictly monitoring the Tarana Halim said, ‘These are effective over the past 1 year.

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