Sponge full of the flavors of delicious donut!

London: Rasgullas sponge hear the tongue of water that moves. All very tasty and interesting donut like sponges. This choice can be made at home if the food is healthy again and how? So today is the BD woman full of the flavors of the delicious recipes sponge rasgullas.


The donut can be made easily and without hassle. If you know the recipe and made it on the shelves all day. Jirokyala made it through the neighboring sugar diabetes instead of the sponge donut for them to be useful. You’ve seen the home before the tragic Natore kamcagollara famous sweet recipes.
Ingredients: ✿ pone 1 kapa water 3 cups milk 1 ✿ vinegar, jirokyala / 3 cups sugar
Way: 1 liter of milk in a pot on the stove days. Pour the vinegar into the milk boiling. After the chicks will be to pour the vinegar. Wash down a little chanagulo five minutes later. Now the well-baby slim down the 0 to 5 minutes, dip a cloth and place it in the refrigerator.


0 minutes 3 times out of the ground by hand to hold. This time round the sweet spell. 3 cups water and 3 cups jirokyala / sugar mixed together Sira, spelling. The 10-minute ride with the sinking of the sweets siraya day fire firewood.

Stir up the lid. Let boil again over 4-5 minutes. When mixed with an equal quantity of cold water to cool and serve.