Facebook turns 13, celebrates with short and sweet ‘Friends Days’ video for its over 1.8 billion users

Facebook has completed 13 years online and to celebrate it, 1.86 billion users are being treated with special ‘Friends Day’ videos. These short videos are personalized for every users, made with a combination of algorithms. The video shows users a figure made up of tiny encircled pictures of friends in their list and memories or event shared with them on Facebook.


Founder Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement of celebrations earlier today on their official profile. “Today is a day to celebrate friends. It’s also Facebook’s birthday, but today isn’t about celebrating us. It’s about friendship.Thank you for being part of our community of friends. Let’s turn today into a day to celebrate a friend. #friendsday,” he said in the Facebook posy.

‘Friends Day’ videos pop up in the notification or on the news feed, as soon as you login into your account. Facebook users can also find their videos at www.facebook.com/friendsday, once they are logged in. The short video appears as preview, before you share it 0n to your timeline.


Also. users can edit an make some desired changes in the video such as, cover photo or thumbnail for the video, photos to be displayed in the video and can choose friends from their list, to be show primarily in the ‘Friends Day’ video. This option would allow users to edit photos or events featured in the video, that they do not wish to look back to anymore or not fond of them in their own ways.

‘Friends Day’ videos, started to appear on news feed earlier this week and are similar to what we have seen in Facebook  Birthday Video. Facebook has also featured friendship-themed Gifs in its Messenger app as well. Once Facebook was 7 years older, when it went out and made more friends and now it is 13, growing strong with over 1.8 billion users.

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